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What is padel?

Padel is an all action hybrid of tennis and squash. It’s as much to do with skill and craft as it is social - it’s almost always doubles, so it’s a chance to get together with friends, compete, train or just get a good workout together. It’s a great sport for players of all ages and skills, as it is both quick and easy to pick up.

Padel is fairly new on the block so it's important you're up to speed. We have a tailored coaching programme designed by our Head of Padel that we encourage you to take part in. There's something for everyone from the beginner to the seasoned pro.

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Most players get the basics within the first half an hour of playing, so after a short session you’re ready to challenge your mates to a game! Padel is not as dominated by strength, technique and serve, like tennis. It’s a game for all ages, shapes and sizes as most points are won with smart strategy rather than by brute force and power.

Meet our padel team

Our padel team has been put together by our brilliant Head of Padel, Jack Hazlewood. Jack was originally a high level tennis player but padel stole his heart five years ago and he hasn’t looked back.

He trains with some of the top players in the UK and is currently ranked inside the top 50 in the country. Jack loves nothing more than meeting like minded padel fanatics and helping them to achieve their padel goals, no matter how big or small!

Join our padel team

Jack Hazlewood

Head of Padel / Coach

Jack Bloomfield

Elkstone Padel Manager / Coach

The golden rules of padel

A light overview of the game, but to truly master the rules book into our Intro to Padel


Every point starts with an underarm serve


You have a first and second serve, just like tennis


The serve must go diagonally into the opposing box
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The ball has to bounce before it hits the wall


Players are allowed to volley and smash at the net


Same scoring as tennis (15-30-40)

Our Padel Programme

Our Padel Programme has been put together by our Head of Padel. Jack has ensured there's something for everyone in there. Below is a snapshot of our activities.

Private Coaching

Jack is currently ranked inside the top 40 players in the UK and is looking to establish himself in the top 15. He was a high level tennis player and coach, but got the bug for padel 5 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. He has worked for two major operators in the UK as Head Coach and Coaching Consultant, but now he’s full time with Padel Shift and ready to build an amazing padel community here at The Club by Bamford. No matter what your level is, Jack has the expertise and experience to develop your game.

Intro to Padel

This activity will be run by one of our coaches and is aimed to give you an understanding of how the game is played, the rules and the key skills to go out and play for yourselves. The session is 1 hour long and by the end, you'll have all the tools to go and challenge your friends and family to a match on our courts!

Drills, drills, drills

This activity will be a fun, high octane coaching session consisting of back to back drills aimed to give you a full workout, whilst perfecting your padel skills… win win, right?

Meet & Compete

Meet & Compete is our social match play activity designed to connect members through a fun competitive tournament style session. Each round of matches you’ll play with a new partner, and the winner of each tournament will receive a prize from our amazing Padel Shift stash!*warning* It’s all about fun and building your court experience - angry, racket throwing, expletive shouting super competitors not welcome!

Padel Fundamentals

The perfect follow on from the Intro to Padel, this activity will dive deeper into the fundamental skills, tactics and techniques to push your padel to the next level. Coach Jack Hazlewood will put you through your paces when it comes to playing off the walls, serve & return, volleys and of course the infamous padel overheads. Don’t know your bandeja from your vibora or your bajada from your chiquita? Don’t worry, we've covered.

Master the Walls

Does the thought of using the walls give you nightmares? Don't fret, this activity will have you embracing the walls and utilising one of the best and most fun aspects about playing padel - using the glass! Coach Jack Hazlewood, will be taking you through the technical & tactical progressions to give you ultimate confidence playing with the walls.

The grading system

We want you to get the most from your padel journey with us. By giving us an idea of your grading we can match you to the right groups and training partners so you can go from zero to hero in no time!

Not sure where you fit in? Don’t worry, get in touch with our team who will get you on court and grade you.

This is NOT a test, we just want you to get the best out of your padel.


Everyone has to start somewhere! So you’re a level 1.0 - you’re just starting your padel journey, we’ve all been there.


You’ve started to feel more comfortable having some gentle rallies with your mates, but you're still finding accuracy and consistency tricky.

LEVEL: improver

You're starting to feel more comfortable rallying and aiming the ball, but still struggling if the ball hits the glass, or the mesh. You can rally with a coach to over 15 shots.


Things are heating up and you're growing in confidence - You can rally at a medium pace more consistently.


You’re coming in hot! You’ve played racket sports before and have an idea about controlling the ball and mixing up the pace your shots.


We’re starting to get competitive! You're playing matches regularly, you’re pretty consistent and starting to understand how to construct padel points. Boom!


You’re officially advanced. Vamos! You’re training and playing regular matches, hitting winners and forcing your opponents to miss.

LEVEL: advanced

Going for the win! You’re competing and winning rounds at grade 1, 2 & 3 competitions. 

LEVEL: advanced

You’ve got it all! You’re a top ranked national player and are looking to play the pros in some professional competitions.

LEVEL: advanced

Get in touch for any questions regarding learning, coaching and playing padel.

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