Winter Dos and Dont's

We are pleased to see so many of you persevering with your padel through the colder months but we wanted to make sure that people are being safe so we avoid any injuries, the last thing we want is a long spell on the sidelines!

Buy the right shoes

Don't just rock up in trainers when the court is wet, then charge around at full tilt, desperate to win every point! Avoid wearing shoes like the shoe below, these have very little support for your ankle and when you change direction (as you have to do many times in padel) you can easily roll your ankle, or damage your knee. Besides a bat and some balls, a good pair of shoes is crucial for anyone looking to play regular padel.

Padel shoes offer more stability and support around the ankle so that it is far harder to roll the foot and cause injury. They also have deeper grooves on the soles for extra grip. Once the grooves start to wear down I would replace the shoes. For the sake of £50-£100 it will massively reduce your risk of injury. If you purchase with Padel Corner you can use our code PADELSHIFT10 for 10% off.

Warm up and stretch

Make sure you don't start playing a competitive game when you are cold. You increase the risk of injury. Try to stretch before starting your match (you will know the best exercises for you, but if you don't give us a shout and we can help) then use the on court warm up to get your body ready for the match.